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4817 Kraus Rd., Clarence, NY 14031


About us

We take great pride in offering the most advanced float therapy systems in the industry, with our state-of-the-art flotation rooms to health-minded businesses at fair, affordable prices. .

From our start in 2008, we recognized that most floaters – from first-timers to enthusiasts – preferred the comfort of a room over a confining pod or tank. 

About Our Float Rooms

Wave float rooms are state of the art, uniquely styled float rooms offering the best float experience for your customers.



Why Wave Float Rooms?

Regardless of the model that you choose, every WAVE float room will consistently deliver a perfect float experience. With the comfortable and inviting atmosphere of a Wave float room -there is no reason for anyone to feel claustrophobic.

Our unique heated air exchange system will generate excellent air quality every time. Poor air temperature control, high humidity, condensation, and dripping are all, a thing of the past.

Our fully automated audio system, allows calming spa music to set the mood, and create the perfect haven for your customers to relax and unwind.

Compare Features Between Float Room Models

 Features                                Elite         Classic    Couples    LS Auto   LS Manual


View the features available on each of our float room models.

Find out what makes Wave Float Room so different


Wave's Vortex Filtration System

  • First and Only in The Industry

  • Exclusive to Wave Elite

  • Fast-Efficient-Effortless

  • A Must-Have System If You Run a Multiple Float Room Center

Zero Condensation

  • Exclusive in The Industry

  • Our unique system makes condensation virtually impossible.

Precise Air Temperature Control 

  • Wave Float Rooms are the only float rooms that monitor and control the air temperature inside the float room and also outside of the entire fiberglass perimeter.

Choose The Wave Float Room That Is Best For You
Pricing Begins At $19,375.00
(More Pricing Information)
Wave Elite
Truly the flagship of the Wave Float Room line up. Includes options not available on the other models. It also includes our high output Vortex filtration system, exclusive to the
Wave Elite.
Wave Classic
A state-of-the-art float room that delivers the best float experience for your customers. A great choice for 1 and 2 float room centers. Includes our standard dual pump filtration system.
Wave Couples
Wave Couples' interior size is 75” wide x 96”. This room can be purchased as an Elite with all of the features of an Elite. or a Classic with all of the features of a Classic. 
Wave LS
Virtually the same as the Wave Classic, just a little smaller. This room was designed for our customers with limited space, and will fit into an area as small as    9' x 9'
Open Float
Our Open concept float pools are available in three sizes and can be purchased with our standard filtration system or our Vortex filtration system.